Sunday Afternoon Service


At 3:30 pm every Sunday afternoon we get together for a worship service to celebrate God’s faithfulness and grace, developing self values though faithfulness to God, build each other up, and seek God’s will for our lives and the life of the church. We worship God through singing, teaching, prayer and on the first Sunday of the month, communion.
Our congregation meets in the Senior Activity Center auditorium.

And with some light snack and coffee, we continue to fellowship every after the service.

It would be great to have you join us!


Weekly Bible Studies


Because The Lord says that Man cannot live by bread alone, but in every word of God, we place great value in providing a strong Bible Study program. Our core values include living out passionate faith and supporting personal growth and this includes weekly Bible Study every Wednesday evenings, and Different group study every Saturdays for all age groups.



Praise and Worship


Men and Women who have the passion in serving the Lord in the gift of Singing, Dancing, Acting and other media arts .. in a regular given week, they do conduct their Worship song practice after a group devotion every Saturday. if you have the passion and or willingness to learn and server the Lord…come and join the Praise and Worship team to be blessed and be a blessings …



kids Sunday School

Ladies and Men’s Group

Events Committee

Prayer and Mission Committee